You don't need Hollywood

When we first started making movies, we were broke college kids with no connections or experience. Fast forward five years, and we were casting a million dollar movie with well-known Hollywood stars.

We wrote The Break In to share all the most valuable lessons (and hilarious stories) from our experience that will help you launch your own career.

Learn every step of the filmmaking process

We share practical, step-by-step instruction on how to launch a movie career

Chapter 1
  .  Film school, learning outside the classroom
Chapter 2     Finding ideas, casting, budgeting
Chapter 3     
Production essentials
Chapter 4     Storytelling, Writing a screenplay
Chapter 5     Post production, editing, music rights
Chapter 6     Film festivals, Red carpet premieres
Chapter 7     Choosing your team, working with higher budgets
Chapter 8     Directing, producing, keys to a great story
Chapter 9     Production design, running a set, reshoots
Chapter 10   Distribution: Theatrical, Digital, Bluray, foreign
Chapter 11    Pitching your project, being good in a room
Chapter 12   Self-distribution, marketing your film
Chapter 13   Working with investors, finding an audience
Chapter 14   Overcoming obstacles, the right perspective

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